Anglo-Transvaal Industries Ltd

Anglo-Transvaal Industries Ltd was a subsidiary of Anglovaal Ltd – a gold mining company.  The major shareholders were Mr Basil E Hersov and Mr Clive S Mennell.  They had decided some years earlier that their organisation should acquire industrial interests, probably because they foresaw that the gold mining industry might decline in the future.  They had already acquired in Anglovaal Industries Ltd such companies as Irvin & Johnsone and Five Roses Tea, and were on the lookout for other possible acquisitions.

We were approached and negotiations took place, culminating in the Baumann family agreeing to sell the Bakers group, known as Bakers South Africa Ltd, to Anglovaal Industries Ltd.

Although the previous pages have dealt with the biscuit side it should be noted that Bakers South Africa Ltd was a conglomerate itself.  Bakers South Africa Ltd controlled Bakers Ltd, Selected Products Ltd (Baumann’s);  Bakers Ltd Bread Division;  Bakers Ltd Flour Milling Division;  Wareings Bakery, Pinetown;  Wimpy (and Golden Egg Grill);  Packo (Gold Dish, etc; ) and had a half share in the KwaMashu Bakery.  Bakers South Africa Ltd was a public company, quoted on the Stock Exchange.

Bakers South Africa Ltd was placed under a new company called National Brands Ltd and I was invited to be on their Board for a few years after my retirement.  In 1984, when my normal term as a Director expired, I arranged with Mr Hersov that I would pull out completely.

It was a year or two after this acquisition that I was asked by Anglovaal to respond to a tentative suggestion by Mr Tony Bloom of the Premier Milling Company, whilst visiting AngloVaal’s offices, that we should acquire the biscuit interests, that is Pyotts Ltd, Westons Ltd and the Premier Biscuit Company.  Mr Bloom had approached me a year or two earlier and I had advised him at the time that his asking price was too high – so the matter at that time was dropped.

The result was that I opened negotiations again with Mr Bloom and a deal was completed that Bakers South Africa Ltd acquired Pyotts.  It also purchased the plant only from the Westons/Premier Biscuit Company factory at Springs and these two companies were closed down by the Premier Milling Company.  I was at that time still the Chief Executive Officer of Bakers South Africa Ltd.

Map on the left: This map shows the biscuit operations that remained at the time that I retired.