Some last thoughts

I have sometimes wondered why it was that we were so successful in the biscuit industry.  I think there were several reasons.

Firstly, after the demise of the Pyott family we were the only family-owned company.  Family ownership increases one’s commitment.  The others were all owned by public corporations run by managers.

Secondly, we had a fixed rule that we would not on any account tamper with the quality of our products, and that we would in fact consistently try to make improvements to our biscuits.   We were prepared to cut costs on any other front but not on quality.

Thirdly, we kept ourselves open to innovations and ideas and strove always to improve our efficiency in our methods.

Finally, there was our attitude that we had to give first class service to all our customers and continually seek ways and means of doing so.

In the previous pages I have given as much information as I could about the various biscuit manufacturers but obviously most of the details are about our own doings because we were closer to this.  A lot of comment of necessity refers to my own personal efforts since I led with most of the new ideas and concepts as we progressed in our operations.