Origin of Names and Packs

Bacon Kips

We were constantly seeking to find new lines to market and this was a difficult.  Our production people came up with two new flavours as a cracker type biscuit, ie. bacon and onion.

We decided that these were good quality flavours and worth pursuing.

Biscuit manufacturers had a habit of copying one another and using each other’s names.  For example, Cheese Nips was a common name made by everybody and similarly if a biscuit was named, say, Cheese Pieces or Cheese Squares this was also be a common name, subject to copying.

I realized that it was important Bakers Ltd should have registered names for their lines,  as was the case with Provita, Tennis and Eet-Sum-Mor.  All new products that we produced should also be capable of having their names registered.

I decided that we required a name that we could register and identify as our own product.  I gave this some thought, toying with different types of made-up names for this biscuit.  Eventually I came up with the word “Kips”, which has absolutely no connotation with biscuits.  So we called the two new lines “Bacon Kips” and “Onion Kips”.  We were careful to note on the “Bacon Kips” box that it was made with artificial flavour so the concept would not irritate people with special religious beliefs.