Origin of Names and Packs


This was a biscuit originally evolved by our Cape Town factory, Baumann’s Biscuits, under the name “Choc Krust”.  It was a very good, appealing biscuit and became popular.  The name was registered by our Cape Town factory.

There was an arrangement between the two factories, Baumann’s and Bakers, that there would be an exchange of recipes.  The two companies could thus produce competitive products provided different names were used and both products were sold at the same price.  The name “Choc Krust” had been evolved by my cousin, Desmond Baumann.  So to get something similar yet not confusing I decided to coin the word “Choc-Kits”.  Again, “Kits” meant nothing at all, but it did mean that we were able to register the line and prevent imitation.