Origin of Names and Packs

Choice Assorted

Every manufacturer made an assortment of biscuits, which was called commonly by everyone “Choice Assorted”.  Typically it contained mainly plain biscuits, but there were a few creamed biscuits and usually one chocolate biscuit or perhaps one creamed wafer.

Originally there were two assortments made by manufacturers.  The first was called “Assorted No. 1” and it was the superior assortment.  The second was called “Choice Assorted”, selling at a lower price.

Shortly after the end of World War II there was a shortage of wheat.  Flour was rationed to biscuit manufacturers, who in turn had to ration their product to the storekeepers.  It became necessary to streamline production as much as possible to avoid wastage and to get the maximum output from the limited amount of flour.

Every manufacturer dropped the superior line “Assorted No. 1” and concentrated only on “Choice Assorted”.  When the flour shortage ended no manufacturer reintroduced “Assorted No. 1” so that “Choice Assorted” remained the only assortment available.