Origin of Names and Packs


This biscuit first came on the market in approximately 1940.  Mr Albert Baumann was looking for a shortbread type biscuit, which could be made by machine – previously most shortbread biscuits were made by hand – and had been working with his cousin, Mr Otto Baumann, who was in charge of production.

Mr W G Carter, the Biscuit Sales Manager, was involved in the naming of this line and he wrote the following:

“My recollection of the naming of this biscuit is that I was in Mr A F Baumann’s office one day when he was tasting the initial samples of this line and was looking around for a suitable name.

Mr A F Baumann was eating one of these shortbread biscuits and remarked that they were a very tasty biscuit, and said once you had eaten one you wanted to eat some more, so I said “well, why not call the biscuit “Eat-some-more”, which Mr A F Baumann eventually amended to “Eet-Sum-Mor”, and the name was then registered.

The biscuit was subsequently so named and once it had appeared on the Durban market Mr A F Baumann told me that his friend the late Mr Robert Mitchell of the UFM Ltd, had passed a remark to him that he did not like the name “Eet-Sum-Mor” as it did not seem quite like a Bakers Ltd name, but as the biscuit was on the market no change of the name was made.

At first this line was made only in Durban, but eventually was also made by Selected Products Limited in Cape Town.”