Origin of Names and Packs

Iced Zoo

I recollect that this type of biscuit was made by both Pyotts and Bakers Ltd.  The Pyotts biscuit had images of animals on it, whereas the Bakers Ltd biscuit (known as Playtime) had images of various toys glazed onto the biscuit.

It was not a very big seller for Bakers and, because of its complicated production method and low volumes, Bakers decided they would discontinue the line and leave it completely in Pyotts’ hands.

The problem in making this biscuit was that the biscuit had to be covered on one side with sugar glazing, each biscuit being done by hand.  The biscuit then had to stand while the sugar dried out and then the image of the toy or animal was glazed on top using a stencil.  This again had to be dried out before the biscuit could be handled for packaging.

Pyotts eventually produced a special machine for doing these two glazing operations one after the other and it became one of their better selling brands.

Pyotts’ biscuit was originally called “Iced Zoological”, but they later shortened this to “Iced Zoo”.  The illustration shows a packet with the Bakers logo on the top left hand corner.  This is because it was decided to market the line under the Bakers brand after Pyotts had been purchased by Bakers South Africa Ltd.