Origin of Names and Packs

Lemon Creams - Red Label

It is not known where this biscuit got its name.  It was made by all manufacturers in South Africa and was therefore considered to be a generic name.  Originally it was called “Lemon Creme”.

At one time, due to the particular pattern on the biscuit, the biscuit tended to be rounder.  When wrapping machines became available the machines could not handle this biscuit and we had to square it off a bit.  It was a popular seller amongst biscuit manufacturers.

I was conscious of the fact that it would be better if we could apply registered names to all our lines to identify a generic biscuit more clearly against competitors.  For this reason I had changed the name of our “Marie” biscuits to “Blue Label Marie Biscuits”, thinking that one-day the name  “Marie” could be dropped or else made less prominent.

I think it was my successor who decided to rename the biscuit as “Red Label” Lemon Creams for the same reason.