Origin of Names and Packs

Romany Creams

Most manufacturers made a line of biscuits called “Gypsy Creams”.  This consisted of two chocolate coloured, round-topped biscuits sandwiched with white cream.  It was not a very big seller for any of the manufacturers.

In about 1965 Pyotts developed a new biscuit.  The biscuit part was shaped the same as for “Gypsy Creams”, but the biscuit part (referred to as the shell) was improved and it was sandwiched with a chocolate filling.  No doubt, Cadbury’s Chocolates in Port Elizabeth, with whom Pyotts had a close relationship, recommended the particular chocolate filling used.

The line immediately proved a winner.  They chose the name “Romany” to carry the Gypsy connotation across from “Gypsy Creams”.

Bakers Ltd then made a competitive product and called it Tuscany Creams, but it was Romany Creams that really held the market.