Origin of Names and Packs

Royal Creams

The origin of this name is not known, but Mr Garvie (Production Foreman) told me that when he joined the company in 1924, Mr Otto Baumann (the Production Director and cousin of Mr Albert Baumann) was experimenting with “Royal Creams” to get the biscuit right, after which the necessary cutters for making the biscuit would have to be ordered.

It can therefore be said that “Royal Creams” were first marketed in 1924 or 1925.

It should be noted that Bakers Ltd originated this biscuit.  It was not being made elsewhere in the world.  Shortly after its introduction on the market it was imitated by other biscuit manufacturers, eg. Three Rings (Premier Biscuit Company) and Pyotts.  The Bakers Ltd Biscuit Catalogue for March 1938 states:

“The Royal Cream on the market, originated by us, richest shortbread mixing, sandwiched with almond cream and finished with castor sugar.”

The biscuit shown above has three ribs on it, whereas Pyotts when they introduced their biscuit made it with four ribs.

Above it states that the biscuits were finished with castor sugar.  I remember that to sprinkle castor sugar over the biscuits, they were laid out in trays.  With the advent of wrapping machinery we found that the sugar interfered with the operation of the machine and we regretfully had to abandon the dressing with castor sugar.