Origin of Names and Packs


This was a line originally produced by Pyotts.

There was an arrangement amongst biscuit manufacturers that if a new line were evolved by any one of them the others would be advised and given samples.  Competitors had a gentlemen’s agreement that if they decided to compete they would make a biscuit that was not confusingly similar in appearance and with a different name, and would honour the price and not under-cut it.

At one of the biscuit conference Pyotts produced a final biscuit pack with the word “Salticrax” on it and the biscuits inside which they declared as being a new line and gave the details.

I remember at the time, when we had adjourned for a break, one or two of the other manufacturers told me they thought it was a very poor choice of name.  In fact it was a very good name because it described the biscuit very clearly.  This turned out to be one of Pyotts’ best selling lines.  Other manufacturers did not bring in competitive lines.