Origin of Names and Packs

Strawberry Whirls

We used to make a small round biscuit sandwiched with jam called “Titbits”.  Unfortunately the moisture in the jam tended to migrate into the biscuit and the jam filling became leathery.  Also, the added moisture in the biscuit part made it slightly soft.  For many years this was one of the biscuits that were put into “Choice Assorted”.

On a visit to New Zealand I found that the Cadbury’s Biscuit Factory made two very good jam biscuits.  The jam kept moist whilst the biscuit kept crisp.

I brought samples back to Durban and showed them to the production people, suggesting they should do some research and find a way to produce a similar biscuit.  At the same time we came across a very good strawberry essence.

I was looking for a biscuit that would have a different appearance and conceived the idea that one side of the sandwiched biscuit should have a round hole in it through which one could see the jam and that this could also be sprinkled with castor sugar.  I chose the name “Whirls” because the radial impressions on the biscuit looked or conveyed the image of whirls and was also a name that we could register for our sole use.

My cousin in the charge of the Production Department, Edwin Baumann, worked on this and came up with an ideal biscuit.  In looking through the pages of samples of cutters that our suppliers, Baker Perkins, could make I saw the “Strawberry Whirl” cutter and decided that that was the one we wanted with, of course, a center hole removed in the middle of the top biscuit.

The biscuit sold quite well and was quite popular.