Origin of Names and Packs


There was an unusual light-eating, cracker-type biscuit made in Belgium called “Tuc”.  It was an excellent biscuit and quite popular.  It was unique.

I endeavoured to arrange a royalty arrangement with the company to allow us to make the biscuit in South Africa, but at that time the proprietors of the biscuit would not permit it to be made anywhere else in the world.

I then asked our production people to do their best to produce a similar biscuit.  They were fairly successful, but we could not quite get an exact imitation of the eating quality.  There was always a slight difference discernable.

I wanted a short name for it in the same way that “Tuc” was a short name and chose the name “Zap”, which would be registered.

In later years, unknown to us, the originators of the biscuit decided to allow other people to make the product under license and a small biscuit company in Johannesburg called Bell’s Biscuits obtained these rights.

It was not a big seller, but at least it was a different product.