The "Little Man" Trademark

Mr Albert Baumann told me the origin of this trademark.  He said he had noted that Lever Brothers sold a soap, which was called “Monkey Brand”.  The brand mark of a monkey’s face appeared on the packet and could easily be remembered and identified the product.

He felt that he wanted to evolve a brand picture as well.  He approached a printer suggesting that they should use a little, fat grocer man holding a tin of biscuits.  His basic idea was to have an easily recognizable identity similar to the way Lever Brothers had established an identity.

It will be noted the “Little Man” is typical of the grocer man of early days, wearing an apron, rolled up sleeves and with a pencil held behind his ear, ready to serve his customers who approached the counter.  This was registered in 1923 and the trademark was always referred to as “The Little Man”.

All biscuits at that time were wrapped in paper and a special wrapper was designed embodying this trademark.  We referred to this design as “The Little Man Lattice Design”.  In early days it was not possible to reproduce pictures so the name was shown on the seals at the end of each packet.

All varieties of biscuits were wrapped in paper of the same overall pattern.

Photograph on the left : Six different biscuits wrapped in the same paper.  
The names on the end seals are:
Back Row:         Wholewheat Digestive;  Nice;  Lemon Creams
Front Row:         Ginger Nuts;   Marie;  Tennis